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You deserve to be the best writer you can be.

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Hi, I'm your book coach, Dr Georgina Green.*


I'm a literary scholar turned editor and book coach.

I help emerging writers like you gain perspective on your work so you can master your craft.

And we do it through the magic of deep conversation and deadlines.

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Work with me to


See your work clearly so you can master your craft.


Join the few who finish their books.


Feel inspired about the potential of your book.

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Plan & Write a Draft

One to one coaching through writing an entire draft. 

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Revise your Manuscript

Gain perspective so that you can create a next draft beyond what you thought possible. 

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Pitch Your Book

See your story clearly so that you can prepare a powerful submission package.

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Kind Words

What those who've already worked with me are saying:

"If anyone is reading this and wondering whether to do it -DO IT! Working with George over the last few months has completely changed the way I write -she's amazing!"

"Everyone should have a book coach like you."

"I was struggling to understand how to move from a first draft to a second without getting totally overwhelmed. Now I've worked with you I feel very, very excited about writing my book again! I feel like I've finally got that 'hook' that always seemed to be missing."

Sophie Flynn
Book Coaching Client

"I have been writing now for two years and having been turned down repeatedly by agents I felt that I should seek expert help rather than relying on family and friends. It was quite a leap of faith to entrust a stranger with something so personal that had consumed so much of my time, but George was hugely empathetic and her advice was very empowering. Can't recommend George highly enough [...] her overview of not only my current novel but the next one, has changed everything for me. "

Mairi Chong
Book Coaching Client

"Before beginning to work with George I found that a lack of direction drained my inspiration. Without feedback on what I’d already written, I found it difficult to continue with the story.
I felt a little nervous about receiving feedback on work that I’d already done (what new writer doesn’t!?) and with the notion of a book coach being an unknown quantity didn’t know what to expect.
Before meeting George I had no idea that the resource that is a book coach even existed! Now, I believe a book coach is an absolute must for anybody serious about getting themselves published.
I've unlocked ideas I didn’t know I could have! I find the development of new ideas is easier and better with a second head to bounce them off!
I’d absolutely recommend George to other writers. Being given direction, confidence and inspiration in a friendly, relaxed and easy place and manner is priceless."

Jesse Meredith
Book Coaching Client

"What a pleasure to work with George. If you’re a writer currently sharing your work with only a trusted few, or if you’ve had the misfortune of being truncated and twisted by an over-subscribed, inattentive editor, then I highly recommend you get in touch with George. I found my initial concerns (would I be patronised? Bamboozled? Sent on a goose chase?) totally disproved. Instead I was listened to, encouraged, and was soon working with renewed clarity and belief, followed by a success I hadn’t dared hope for. Whilst George is hugely likeable she’s not afraid to be critical, but manages this in the most polite way ever, matched with knowledge and experience you’d do well to heed. She’s really rather impressive -don’t hesitate!"

Coaching Client

"I came to work with you because I suppose I was not sure whether my story worked. I was looking for an honest appraisal of the novel with an eye on what grabs the reader.
1. What makes it good, and
2. What’s getting in the way of it being better?
I was a bit apprehensive that you would be recommending a wholesale restructuring. Instead I’ve come away with a very targeted set of areas to look at. You handled discussing the weaker areas in my work really well by coming to it with a solution. Because you had obviously read the novel really closely, I didn’t feel I needed to or wanted to defend my initial decision. You understood what I was going for, and you could see how I could work around the obstacle.
I didn’t quite know what viewpoint you’d come from, so it was a relief when you’d sussed out the tone precisely as I’d intended it. From there, it meant I had confidence that any suggestion you made would be sensitive to this idea. And so it proved!
You provided a sounding board where you were comfortably following complex points of plot, tone and characterisation, then feeding that back in a way that I could see for myself the significance of what I had told you."

Roger Haines
Book Coaching Client

"Georgina took a look at my query letter and provided insight that neither I, or fellow authors and beta readers, could see. She helped add a layer of depth that I believe helped attract the attention of multiple agents, leading me to more than one request for pages."

Zai Bell

Excited yet nervous?

I know that sharing your writing can feel vulnerable. I know that this can feel like a big step. And I know that the sooner you get this help, the sooner you're going to be able to unlock the full potential of your story. The journey can be more enjoyable, less lonely, and much faster with help. Click below to tell me about your writing and see if I can help you see what you can't see about your writing.


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