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Feedback Without the Freak Out Part 3: Feedback is just the Start of a Conversation


Hello again! This is the third in a mini series of videos on Feedback without the Freak Out. This will probably be the last in the series, but I'm enjoying connecting with you in this way so plan to do more videos like this in the future. 

If you feel I might be the right person to start the conversation with about your writing, a great place to start is my 'Brave New Beginnings' package.

Remember you can see the subtitles by clicking on the little 'cc' that appears at the bottom right...

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Feedback Without the Freak Out Part 1: Fixed & Growth Mindsets


This is the first in a short series of informal videos on 'fear of feedback'.  I'm leaning on my growth mindset and trusting that I will improve my confidence on camera with practice!

If you're ready to get feedback on your writing my 'Brave New Beginnings' package is a great place to start.

See Part 2: Feedback isn't a Value Judgement, here.

and Part 3: Feedback is just the Start of a Conversation, here.

Remember you can turn on the captions on the video if you like by clicking the...

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