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Coaching for early in the process of crafting your novel or for when it seems to be coming unmoored.

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Wondering what it is like to work with me on your book?

Here's what long term client. P.E. Holdsworth, had to say....


Working on my manuscript with George was like having a sister roll-up her sleeves and jump in, already instinctively in tune with what I was trying to achieve and with a clarity on my life (mine is a memoir project), that I could never have hoped to possess myself alone without her highly honed, instinctual insights.


"How do you feel about writing  your book now we've worked or begun working together?"

"I feel like I could write a book. Like I could have an idea, indulge my creativity in the planning process and then write on. Our time working together has made me feel like the mystique of book writing has had the veil lifted and I am no longer stumbling through the process blindfolded with my hands out in front, hoping my gutsiness will see me through."

"What did you like best about working with me?"

":) . This question made me smile from a deep place, because I can't put it into words. You. I suppose that would be my most honest answer, you. But for the sake of anyone who is yet to work with George, and therefore unable yet to nod in knowing agreement with this, then I would say: George's openness, patience, ridiculously, mind-blowing instincts for story (which I have no doubt is a natural skill that has been much developed during her Oxford education and career in literary academia), and enthusiasm for our work. The project came to feel like it belonged to us both which I never thought would have been possible (or acceptable) to me. Now I can't wait to share another book baby together in future."

"Would you recommend me to other writers? If so, why?"

"I would recommend George to any writer, at any stage in their career, or to anybody at all following an idea to a page. She will open you to parts of your own abilities you didn't know were there and help you find your own answers to the questions you didn't previously know how to ask yourself about your work."

"Is there anything else about the experience you would like to add?"

"I recommend all Georgina's clients to invest in a little notebook in which to jot down the books she will recommend you read during your time working together - having a fantastic, personalised book recommender is just an added bonus of being one of her clients!"
Find P.E. Holdsworth on Insta and twitter: @peholdsworth or at

More Testimonials from my Lovely Clients

"Lack of direction drained my inspiration. Without feedback on what I’d already written, I found it difficult to continue with the story.
I felt a little nervous about receiving feedback on work that I’d already done (what writer doesn’t!?) Now we’ve begun working together I’m itching to get my book finished! I have a lot of work ahead, but now I know that I’m heading in the right direction, and have fresh inclusions to improve the work already done I’m desperate to get it done!
I've unlocked ideas I didn't even know I had.
Being given direction, confidence and inspiration in a friendly, relaxed and easy manner is priceless. "

Jesse Meredith
Book Coaching Client

"If anyone is reading this and wondering whether to do it -DO IT! Working with George over the last few months has completely changed the way I write -she's amazing!
I was struggling to understand how to move from a first draft to a second without getting totally overwhelmed. Now I've worked with you I feel very, very excited about writing my book again! I feel like I've finally got that 'hook' that always seemed to be missing."

Sophie Flynn
Book Coaching Client

Enquire about Book Coaching

You'll be taken through to a page where you can tell me more about your writing and schedule a free office hour appointment to see if we're a good fit.

My Approach to Working With Writers

Collaborative, Compassionate and Brave

My mission is to help writers step into their power as authors by seeing their writing clearly.

I join you on the writer's journey of exploring this book you're creating. I reflect it back to you so you can see it. I don't impose my opinion from a position of judgement.  I help you to make decisions about your book based on bravery and your own intuition rather than fear.

Why is this important to you?

I know from personal experience what it feels like to be in the grip of second-guessing. And I know the joy of overcoming it. 

How do you do this?

The magic of deep conversations and deadlines.

What qualifies you to do this?

The exploratory approach I take to book coaching and my faith in deep conversation and deadlines to create books worth reading is inspired by my time tutoring students at Oxford University as well as being mentored for my doctorate, and finally publishing my own book in 2014.

Since women tend to understate  their achievements, let me claim them! I'm an Author Accelerator certified book coach and a published author of literary criticism. I have a first class degree and doctorate in English Literature. I've taught literary studies at many Universities.

I engage in continuous professional development so that I can best serve you and your writing.

As a fellow writer I have empathy for your struggles and admiration for your bravery and persistence. And I know that for some of us, writing doesn't happen in a straight line, or through a linear process. It has to get messy.


I'd love to hear about your writing. My office hour is free, so if you're curious or want to chat over a particular challenge, get in touch.


Tell me about your writing

Still feeling hesitant?

I know that this can feel like a big step. I also know that the world needs great books, and the journey of writing one can be more enjoyable, less lonely, and much faster with help. Click below to tell me about your ideas and see if I can help you see what you can't see about your book and its impact.

Story Roots

Coaching for early in the process of crafting your novel or for when it seems to be coming unmoored.

What's Included

Story Development Coaching

We will use story development tools to flesh out the contours of your story and your characters, putting you on track to write a solid first draft.

-Develop your plot.

-Get clear about your genre.

-Deepen your character arcs to create a powerful story.

-Think through craft choices such as act breaks, timelines, point of view and genre.

Writing Mindset Coaching

To unleash your creativity whilst we do this fun story development work, we will also start to gather clues about your unique process and the inner gremlins that often crop up following a story to the page.


  • Three 60-90 minute deep coaching conversations across the course of three to six weeks.
  • Pre-writing and planning exercises
  • On-the-page feedback on up to 10,000 words of prewriting or outlines.

The Process:

If we haven't discussed it already, we will agree a start date after you sign up.

On the agreed start date I will send you:

A welcome pack with some initial exercises.

A link to my scheduler to book your initial call. 

We will book the second and third calls in at the end of the first call.


48 hours before the initial call, you'll return any work you did for the initial exercises.


During the first call:


We will gain clarity about any resistance, and transition as quickly as possible into developing your story.


At the end of the first call:

We will agree on your 'homework', which will be Story Foundations prewriting exercises designed to root into your vision for the book.

We will schedule the second call.


After the first call:

I'll send you the exercises within 24 hours.

48 hours before the next call, you'll send me your work, and I will annotate or make suggested changes with an eye to story development.


During the second and last calls:

We will continue to develop the Story Foundations, with you submitting work for feedback 48 hours before each call.


After your last call:

You can submit your outline one last time, within a month of the last call, for further support on the page.


If you do the exercises as suggested you will take away:

An agile yet supportive scaffolding outline.

A well-conceived 'hypothesis' for your draft.

Insight into how your particular brand of self-doubt operates so that you can prevent it from getting its hands on the steering wheel of your draft.

Your Investment: £400




When are calls held?

Story Foundations calls are held on zoom unless you are local to Honeybourne, Worcestershire.  They take place on Thursdays or Fridays, usually within the hours of 10-14.30 (UK hours) but I have limited appointments outside of those days and hours if that doesn't suit you. 

Is there a payment plan?

You can choose to pay all at once or in two instalments, one upon signing the contract, another one month later.

What is the extent of the feedback on the page?

I will give feedback on the page using Word's annotations and tracked changes tool, on up to 10,000 words in total. This might be writing 'in scene' (i.e. draft material, scenes you've already written, scenes you write to explore backstory) or it may be outlines or planning. I'll do several passes over the outline. As long as the outline itself isn't over 10,000 words it's good. You don't need to worry too much about counting your words, the 10,000 word limit is just there to set the expectation that you won't be submitting half your novel for feedback as part of this package.


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