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Inspired Revision Coaching for Novelists

When you're between drafts.

When you've got to 'The End'...but you haven't 'finished'.

I can help.


You want your novel to be as good as it can be. On a par with the writers you admire.

And you know the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be is through the revision process.

And that's where many writers get stuck. Because we are too close to our writing.

We can't see the big picture. 

When we open the manuscript we just end up fiddling with the sentences.

We're mired in the details

If that sounds familiar, Inspired Revision is for you.

Hi, I'm your book coach, Dr Georgina Green.*


After becoming a mum in 2013 I decided academia was no longer for me.

But what else could a literary scholar do?

The answer came when I discovered my superpowers as a developmental editor and book coach.

Now I help writers like you use and control your superpowers.

So you can rise above the words on the page and make your novel as good as it can be.

Rather than:

  • leaving it in a forgotten folder,
  • submitting it to agents before it's really ready
  • self-publishing a draft rather than a finished book.

Because nothing breaks my heart like unfulfilled potential.

And nothing makes it soar like a powerful story, well told.

What is Inspired Revision?

I believe compelling, insightful novels have the potential to knit our society together at a time when we are so divided.
But only IF they connect to readers. IF they keep us reading beyond the first few pages. IF they carry us through the messy middle. IF they fulfil their promises in the end.
Inspired Revision is how your novel claims and directs that power.

Know Exactly What to Do Next

Come away from your sessions with targeted strategies designed to help you take your book to the next level without getting overwhelmed.

Fall Back in Love with Your Book

Get that sense of excitement for your novel back as you honour your creativity with deep revision and make new discoveries about your story.

See the Wood for the Trees

Stop fiddling with the details and gain clarity about what is not yet on the page for your readers so you can fulfil your book's potential.

Get an idea of how we might work together:

All packages can be tailored to your needs, this is to give you an idea of the process.

Inspired Revision Fresh Eyes


two payments of £450

A magic mirror for your work in progress.

You get:

  • Tools to help you participate in diagnosing your draft, so you feel empowered not overwhelmed.
  • In depth annotations on a 10,000 word sample so you can heighten your craft.
  • An editorial letter with a manuscript analysis from me,
  • A one to one strategy session so you have a profound understanding of your overarching goal for the next draft.


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Inspired Revision Coaching


three payments of around £322

Coaching as you  implement your inspired revision:

  • Help to outline your next draft.
  • Unlimited Reverse Outline Feedback on the page.
  • Unlimited Email Coaching
  • Four chances to submit 20,000 words for feedback on the page.
  • Six coaching calls as you redesign and redraft so you can implement your Inspired Revision with confidence.
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"I was struggling to understand how to move from a first draft to a second without getting totally overwhelmed. Now I've worked with you I feel very, very excited about writing my book again! I feel like I've finally got that 'hook' that always seemed to be missing. "

Sophie Flynn

"You provided a sounding board where you were comfortably following complex points of plot, tone and characterisation, then feeding that back in a way that I could see for myself the significance of what I had told you."

Roger Haines

Excitement battling with nerves?

I understand that choosing to invest in your work can feel like a big step. I know that it can feel easier to wait until you feel confident. But let me reassure you that this process is about meeting you where you are and walking alongside you whilst you tackle the self-doubt and uncertainty that comes with stretching yourself. Click below to simply start the conversation and explore if this is a good fit for you.


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