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Here's what I want you to know

Querying can be a process of discovery; deepening your connection with your novel and your sense of your own voice.

It doesn't have to be a bureaucratic exercise that makes you feel like a wannabe.

And if you approach it the BRAVE PITCHING way, you will present your story with authority and pride.

And that makes all the difference.

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Here's the challenge: 

It is scary to send your work out to an agent who in all statistical probability, will have to reject it....

...You seek connection in a context where rejection is almost inevitable. And you need to keep reaching out despite this.

And there's very little reciprocal vulnerability for the agent. They have all the power.

A classic power imbalance. A codependent relationship in the making. 

The Agent /Author Power Imbalance almost forces you to play the Apologetic Aspiring Author, which simultaneously demagnetizes your query. It's query kryptonite.

Because your submission materials need to convey the opposite of the wannabe persona that the situation backs you into...

 Your query needs to convey your mastery, confidence and Authority.

It's the mission of the Brave Pitching Society to help you dance a different dance so you can get agents to take your query seriously. Even if you think you're too old, to young, too ill, or too unproven. 

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Meet your Guide

I'm Dr Georgina Green and I'm an independent developmental editor and book coach.

I work with authors who want to master their craft and pitch with confidence, clarity and self-respect.

One of the most intense things about being a book coach is walking alongside my clients as they send their novel out there to agents and publishers.

I'm usually the first or second person to know when an agent requests a manuscript or an agent passes.

It is a privilege to be there for authors through this really crazy-making, exciting yet scary time and to see their resilience and persistence.

I would love it if I could say, "do this and I guarantee you will be successful." Sadly, no one can do that.

HOWEVER, it is not a lottery, there are things you can do to show agents you can write and to present your book in the best light. The Brave Pitching Online Course and individual feedback included in the programme covers these strategies.

AND there are things you can do to make the journey less lonely and to keep your spirits and bouncebackability up so you can be resilient with it. The community forum included in the Brave Pitching Programme provides this. 

This belief has led me to create the Brave Pitching Society for you, so you can get the support you need to be brave when you're querying your novel.

If this sounds good, get your name down so I can keep you posted by clicking here:

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Brave Pitching Society

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A new programme created to support debut novelists as they query their manuscripts to agents. This is for you if...

  • You hope to query agents and publishers about your current manuscript within six months.
  • You find it difficult to get perspective on your novel.
  • You know that resillience will be key to the process.
  • You are tired of all the research required to submit.
  • You are feeling discouraged after getting only form rejections from agents.
  • You find it hard not to take the rejections personally.
  • You want professional and peer support as you enter the pitching phase of the epic journey that is writing a novel.

Finding the 'hook'

"I feel like I’ve finally got that ‘hook’ that always seemed to be missing that will allow me to really focus on what the main point of the book is." 

--Sophie Flynn

Adding Depth

"Georgina provided insight that neither I, or fellow authors and beta readers, could see. She helped add a layer of depth that I believe helped attract the attention of multiple agents, leading me to more than one request for pages."

--Zai Bell

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