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Reveal the powerful story within your work in progress.

Make deep discoveries about your story and its characters so you can succesfully revise and pitch your novel.

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Hi, I'm Dr Georgina Green.*


I'm a published author of literary criticism, a developmental editor and a book coach.

I help aspiring novelists connect deeply to their stories and characters as they revise and pitch so that they can uncover the powerful novel in their work in progress.

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"I have been writing now for two years and having been turned down repeatedly by agents I felt that I should seek expert help rather than relying on family and friends. It was quite a leap of faith to entrust a stranger with something so personal that had consumed so much of my time, but George was hugely empathetic and her advice was very empowering. Can't recommend George highly enough [...] her overview of not only my current novel but the next one, has changed everything for me. "

Mairi Chong
Book Coaching Client

Work with me to


Identify the DNA of your story so you can make it more powerful.


Get support, encouragement and accountability as you take your book to the next level and pitch, so that you can be amongst the few who stay the course.


Feel inspired and excited about the potential of your book, no longer second guessing your revisions or feeling flummoxed by the hoops you need to jump through to pitch.

Revision is a Process of Discovery

So many writers, from Ernest Hemingway to Roald Dahl, have said that writing is rewriting.

But revising, cutting, editing and most of all PITCHING can be like trying to see ourselves as others do, and that isn’t easy.

Does anyone really like looking in the mirror?

But I have a proposal for you.

What if editing and pitching didn't have to feel like the tidying up that has to be done after the party.

What if Hemingway was right, and writing is rewriting.

What if instead of thinking of it as the aftermath where we try to fit ourselves into someone elses categories and guess what they want us to say, we thought of it as a continuation of the creative exploration that happens when we write?

More like exploring ourselves, our beliefs, our wisdom, our most original perceptions and most deeply felt humanity.

Not our appearance, but our inner world.

That's the kind of rewriting and pitching that I help you engage in. Exploratory, brave, deep.

I am not here to assess you or offer you validation.

Instead I'm your guide, helping you explore what you have here, and crystalise it onto the page, whether in your next draft or your pitch.

Not a proofreader. Not a copyeditor. Not a typo-checker. Not a beta-reader.

A sounding board for your doubts and ideas, a fresh pair of eyes for your plot, a story whisperer who can help you ask the questions that will let you see your book on a deeper level so you can connect emotionally with readers.

For want of a better name, a book coach.

Ways to work with me

"I was struggling to understand how to move from a first draft to a second without getting totally overwhelmed. Now I've worked with you I feel very, very excited about writing my book again! I feel like I've finally got that 'hook' that always seemed to be missing."

Sophie Flynn
Book Coaching Client

Ways to Work With Me

Three levels of support, from an online course to regular one to one coaching.

Brave Pitching Online Course

Distil your story and present it in the most powerful way possible.

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Create your Brave Revision Map

Connect with your work in progress on a deep level that will allow you to create a next draft beyond what you thought possible.

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Book Coaching

One off or regular one to one support and guidance through an entire draft, so you can sustain momentum, master your craft and continue to explore the heart of your story and its characters as it unfolds.

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Kind Words

What those who've already worked with me are saying:

Excited yet nervous?

I want this offer of guidance to excite and energize you, even if it feels a little scary.
I know that sharing your writing can feel vulnerable.
I know that this can feel like a big step.
Most of all, though, I know that if you're waiting to feel ready... that feeling might never come.
And I know that the sooner you get this help, the sooner you're going to be able to unlock the full potential of your story.
Please don't confuse my conviction for a hard sell.
I never want you to regret this decision to invest in your writing. And you can absolutely reach your goals on your own. You are AMAZING.
But I believe that this journey is more enjoyable, less lonely, and much faster (even if a little steeper) with help.
If you'd like to see if we 'click', or you'd like advice on if this is suitable for you, or a bespoke proposal for our work together, please don't hesitate to book one of my twenty minute office hour appointments, I'd love to chat:


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